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Avaya SIPREC Recording

The OrecX Avaya SIPREC solution allows enterprises with Avaya Aura or IP Office to record calls at the network level where SIP trunk services are used – calls are recorded via SIP messaging sent by the Avaya SBC. The SBC delivers sessions to OrecX, and TSAPI metadata is provided via SIP messaging.

Typical network architecture for call center with OrecX Avaya SIPREC










Benefits of SIPREC
  • Highly efficient (configure only the traffic you need to record)
  • Extremely scalable (thousands of concurrent calls)
  • Auto-provisioning of users (much easier to administrate)
  • Lower cost of ownership
Key Terms
  • SIPREC — Session Initiation Protocol Recording – a telecommunications protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) and adopted by multiple vendors.
  • SDP —   Session Description Protocol – The format used in SIPREC to initialize parameters in streaming media.
  • SRC —  Session Recording Client. The audio source (typically a Session Border Controller, or SBC).
  • SRS —   Session Recording Server (OrecX Server).