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Why Record Calls?

Companies today, large and small, and spanning virtually every industry vertical across the world are recording customer calls for a variety of reasons. Most notably, they capture and store these conversations to protect themselves from liability (i.e. lawsuits, disputes, compliance infractions) and to measure customer service levels. OrecX’s call recording software suite offers solutions for all of these (and many other) challenges.

A recent OrecX survey found the following as the primary reasons why businesses and organizations record calls today:












OrecX’s call recording software solutions can help your organization meet all of these needs.

Additional Reasons: Quotes from Survey Respondents

  • The question is not “why do we record calls”, but how in the world could we possibly function without it?
  • The cost of data storage is generally non existent and at worst irrelevant. Even if you don’t have the time or desire to listen, there’s no reason not to record calls.
  • A recorded call is like a written phone message, but with checks and balances.
  • For your Quality and Training department, not having calls recorded is like swimming with your arms tied … it’s possible but extremely difficult.
  • Letting a customer service rep listen to himself/herself on the phone is the most effective method of coaching there is.
  • Recording calls allows us to assess, review, calibrate, account for, monitor and improve everything.
  • People overlook the fact that in a call center an employee is 95% of your value. If you have access to a tool (call recording system) that can increase the value of 95% of your company assets…it’s wise to use it.
  • Inspect what you expect. If driving excellence is the goal, by having recorded calls you have now harvested valuable information