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Audio capture (or call recording) lies at the very heart of speech analytics solutions. Without quality audio to transcribe, analytics results will be flawed, at best. OrecX records calls in stereo (versus mono), capturing each individual on a separate channel to produce high fidelity voice recording.  High fidelity improves speech to text, key word and phrase spotting, speech analytics, and voice biometrics.  The voice recording and meta data is available to any third party speech analytics tool, many of which can be found on our Partner Ecosystem page.

Our recording platform is open, modular, and collaborative and provides an excellent recording service for artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI) and data visualization companies, thereby increasing the value of these solutions exponentially.  These vendors leverage OrecX’s recording engine primarily to speed up sales cycles and expand the breadth of their solutions.

While other recording vendors build closed, proprietary solutions, OrecX is open and provides access and control to call and associated metadata in a manner that puts control of the applications and data in the hands of the customer.

Some of our current analytics partners include: CallMiner, Clarabridge, Tethr and VoiceBase.