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logo-freeswitchOrecX FreeSWITCH Solutions

A dedicated FreeSWITCH partner, OrecX provides FreeSWITCH users with an open-source based suite of recording and quality monitoring applications, which installs in just 30 minutes, costs half as much as proprietary recording applications, and no maintenance is required. The software just works.

Oreka is typically useful in high density FreeSWITCH application where it’s best to offload recording to a separate system and make 100% sure that recording cannot impact the performance or reliability of core switching capabilities.

Oreka GPL (free open source software)

  • Record VoIP SIP sessions by passively listening to network packets. Both sides of a conversation are mixed together and each call is logged as a separate audio file.
  • Oreka GPL call recording software can record all FreeSWITCH voice calls using free codecs such as G.711, iLBC, GSM or G.722 and using either SIP or IAX2 signalling.

Oreka TR (Total Recording software)

Oreka TR is the commercial version based on Oreka GPL and offers the following enhancements:

  • Support for G.729 recording
  • Deep integration with Loway’s QueueMetrics
  • Live Monitoring
  • Feature rich user portal with fine-grained access control, audit trail and multi-tenancy capabilities

The Oreka Total Recorder allows clients to search, find and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other customer requirements. Oreka runs on either Linux or Windows operating systems and integrates with any phone system.

freeSWITCH partner brief

Download our OrecX FreeSWITCH Product Brief