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“Aligning Customer Service”

Customer service is still at the forefront of business’s minds going into 2023, and for good reason. Check out these alarming customer service stats to learn more!

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“Stats that Prove Calling is Still King”
Despite the prevalence of chat and email, the telephone continues to reign supreme in terms of customers’ primary communication vehicle when seeking customer service support.
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“5 Benefits of Dual Channel Audio Recording”
Learn how high-fidelity, stereo audio recording helps you monitor agent performance and identify critical insights more precisely and effectively than ever before.
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“Audio Capture vs. Call Recording for Speech Analytics”
Learn about the critical differences between the two types of software to best power your speech analytics results
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“Are Remote Agents Costing Us More?”
Learn some startling stats about at-home agents including their cost impact on call centers
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“Top 5 Questions to Ask your Analytics Recording Vendor”
Learn about the types of criteria you should be asking your vendor about
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“Top 12 Criteria for Selecting Audio Capture for Speech Analytics”
Learn about the critical elements that comprise the best audio capture solutions
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“8 Call Center Compliance Tips”
Learn tips for complying with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, MiFID II and more.
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“Quality Monitoring Beginner’s Guide”
Learn about quality monitoring software and how it can help your organization.
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