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Key Design Benefits

OrecX’s modern and open audio capture platform creates strategic, technical, economic and collaborative benefits for businesses.


  • Powered by the operating systems, databases, browsers and APIs that run the world’s infrastructure
    • Evergreen platform with no threat of technology obsolescence
    • Unsurpassed speed to market
    • Adapts to cloud, premise, and hybrid environments
    • UI & REST API based on Google Angular framework


  • Founded on the principles of transparency, openness and collaboration
    • Meets the broadest set of use cases
    • Inter-operates with third party systems
    • Run with common standard Rest API
    • Unlimited ecosystem potential with third party solutions such as Speech Analytics, Voice Biometrics, AI, CX, and DX 


  • Components-based design for unmatched flexibility
    • Scales from 10 to 100,000s
    • Promotes rapid iteration and ecosystem building
    • Economically efficient

Quality and Access

  • Extensive peer reviews, iterations and enhancements from global user community
    • Widest array of supported high fidelity audio capture methods
    • Extends platform value with no arbitrary restrictions on system data


  • REST API for full application/system control
    • Flexible media storage – cloud, premise, hybrid
    • Complete access to your data in either real-time or post-call
    • Manage application via OrecX UI or utilize REST API for third-party control (CRM/Analytics, etc.)
    • Perform long-term strategic planning with confidence