NEC Call Recording 

OrecX audio and screen recording integrates easily with NEC UNIVERGE SV Series PBX system. You can find specific supported platforms here.

Oreka TR (Total Recording software)

  • Oreka TR offers integration with NEC UNIVERGE SV Series PBX systems via port mirroring.
  • Oreka TR is the commercial version based on Oreka GPL
  • Support for G.729 recording
  • Live Monitoring
  • Feature rich user portal with fine-grained access control, audit trail and multi-tenancy capabilities

Oreka SC (Screen Capture software)

  • Garner a complete 360-degree replay of the entire interaction as it occurred, with integrated capture and playback of both the agent-customer conversation (voice) and the accompanying agent screen activity.

“NEC UNIVERGE has a significant following in the contact center space,” said Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX. “Many of the companies coming to us for call recording have UNIVERGE in place. In order to support their needs, we sought to become fully compatible with this solution to enable easy and smooth integration and get our clients up and recording calls as quickly as possible.”

Oreka NEC Call Recording allows clients to search, find and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other customer requirements. Oreka runs on either Linux or Windows operating systems and integrates with any phone system.


NEC partner brief

Download our OrecX NEC Product Brief