OrecX offers open-source based, platform independent, 30-minute install voice and screen recording software, which you can easily OEM and sell as your own or integrate into your offerings for added value.

OrecX is by far the most open recording software on the market today:
  • Open source
  • Open API
  • Runs on commercial off the shelf hardware
  • Multiple ways to capture data
  • You pick your database
  • Very easy to integrate
  • Interoperable on almost any PBX to support open and proprietary VoIP systems
  • GUI can be branded as your own
  • Offer multiple ways to enhance meta data
  • Modular solution for maximum flexibility – software for Total Recording, Quality Monitoring, Screen Capture, Mobile Recording, Live Monitoring
  • Open file format – recordings ported in industry standard format
Other key features include:
  • Low cost – high margin (half the price of competing solutions)
  • High quality, scalable, multi-tenant
  • Easy customization
  • Rapid development and fixes
  • Multiple product support tiers
Who Can We Help?
  • Analytics companies – OrecX can push data to you from customer interactions to enhance your analytics capabilities.
  • CRM companies – OrecX can provide a rich amount of meta data from customer interactions to enhance your trending and reporting capabilities.
  • Workforce optimization companies – OrecX adds the important components of compliance recording and quality monitoring to minimize risk, improve compliance and enhance customer service.


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