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OrecX is a very different call recording company. We believe in the power of many, combined with the idea that you should always have free and open access to your spoken data – open interface, open databases and open API. To help bring this concept to life, we have created an open ecosystem of strategic partners to help organize the world’s spoken information for mutually-beneficial, maximum value – revenue, customer loyalty, service performance, dispute resolution, compliance, etc. To date, our ever-expanding group of partners includes many systems integrators, open source vendors, speech to text companies and speech analytics providers.


These businesses leverage our modern and open platform to extend the value of their own offerings. These strategic relationships take many forms, including:
  • Cloud Services Providers augment their existing capabilities with a full featured ‘call recording as a service’ platform for their enterprise and call center subscribers.
  • Voice Analytics Providers enhance their Speech and Biometric solutions with OrecX’s call capture platform, real-time API, and advanced media/metadata management tools.
  • CRM Providers improve workflow and data readiness for Business Intelligence applications with components of our platform.

Ecosystem Partners

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