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OrecX is a channel focused company – 100% committed to our partner’s success

The OrecX Partner Program supports and delivers superior value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities for partners. Together, we aim to help your customers achieve success.

Program membership provides:

  • Easy access to proven cloud and on-site technology and solutions
  • Effective field engagement
  • Access to programs and resources to help develop and grow your business
  • Sales and training enablement to enhance your knowledge of recording and extend your reach into the market
  • One-click sales support

Which partnership is right for you?

Channel Partner

Channel partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering the OrecX platform and services. These partners are strategic to OrecX’s business and together with OrecX they work to ensure that customers optimize their investment in the OrecX platform.

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Service Provider/Carrier (ITSP/CSP) Partner

Service Provider partners (Internet Telephony Service Providers, Communications Service Providers) deploy OrecX as part of their Business VoIP offering. The OrecX product suite expands their solutions set and enables them to upsell existing customers and reach new ones. Partners can easily customize and brand the OrecX solution to fit their overall product & marketing strategy

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OEM Partner

OrecX’s solutions are ideal for integrating or embedding into solutions. OEMs and Business VoIP Providers often embed Recording features into their solutions rather than build the capabilities in-house or rely on expensive, inflexible proprietary solutions.

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Referral Partner

Referral partners are a select group of vendors that partner with OrecX and specifically focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for OrecX. Partners who identify and refer net-new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the business has closed.

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Technology Partner

Technology partners integrate OrecX with their existing applications and solutions. Technology providers from across a range of industries create and develop innovative solutions for OrecX customers and for promotion on the OrecX Open Solutions Exchange helping drive customer adoption of the OrecX platform.

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