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Check out some of our new podcasts, which provide insight on call recording. These are not self-promotional, but rather quite informational.

Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprise Audio Capture


COVID’s Lasting Effects on Call Centers


Why Open Source Call Recording Solutions are King


High Fidelity Audio Capture, Stereo Recording and Partner Ecosystem


The Importance of Maintaining Control of Interaction Data



Up to 150 Trillion Pieces of Data Are Going Uncaptured Each Year with Steve Kaiser of OrecX



Open Source Call Recording for a Comcast World with Tim Kunkel of OrecX



Who Benefits from Call Recording Internally? with Kevin Levi of OrecX



This Call May Be Recorded with Kevin Levi of OrecX



The Open Source Revolution for Call Recording Technology with Steve Kaiser of OrecX



Harnessing the Power of Customer Interactions with Kevin Levi of OrecX



How Do You Make Sense of Call Recording Data? with Bruce Kaskey of OrecX



Voice Data is Still a Business’ Greatest Tool



Innovative Ways to Use Call Recordings for Marketing and More



Tips for Ensuring Your Call Center Is Data Privacy Compliant