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Remote Agent Recording & Management

100% Recording of Remote Agents

Every call your remote agents make or receive can be recorded and securely stored in the cloud for later replay. This software helps you monitor your agents for quality assurance, compliance adherence, order verification and dispute resolution.

71% of contact center agents are currently working from home.

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Monitor, manage and control

You want full control of/access to these recordings so they can be shared with the best 3rd party AI vendors for customer experience and speech analytics. This helps you get the most out of your customer interactions.

Startling Stats about Work-At-Home Agents

7 out of 10 agents are expected to continue working from home post-COVID.

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Feature Highlights

  • Remote site recording
  • Quality monitoring (with scorecards)
  • Live monitoring
  • Create teams/groups on the fly
  • Browser-based access to recordings
  • Pause/resume
  • Active recording (SIPREC, BIB, DMCC)
  • Cloud call recording
  • Mobile recording methods:
    • VoIP softphone technology
    • Conferencing the recording system as a PSTN number
    • Working a mobile-ready infrastructure like SIPREC
  • Screen recording
  • Call exporting
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • VPN support
  • Fine-grained privileged access to recordings

Examples of At-Home Interactions you Should Record


  • Stock orders from investment clients
  • Financial advice from stockbrokers and financial planners
  • Collections calls on overdue debt


  • Conversations around specific reimbursement amounts for a filed claim
  • Annual premium quotes for new coverages
  • Registration of a new vehicle


  • Primary care physicians prescribing over-the-counter medication
  • Doctors offering medical advice to a patient
  • Physician assessing a patient’s symptoms


  • Interactions involving a heated discussion
  • Transactions in which a large refund was promised
  • Conversations during which the customer promised to pay