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Small to mid-size businesses love OrecX business call recording and quality monitoring software because they can employ enterprise-class software at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. What’s more, OrecX software comes with all the same features and functionality of higher priced solutions.

OrecX installs in just 30 minutes and requires no implementation costs.  Other software takes days, weeks or even months and typically comes with a hefty installation price tag. With OrecX, small to mid-size businesses can be up and running almost immediately and can begin recording calls the very same day.

Another important thing about OrecX is that is requires no technical expertise.  Whether you own a pizza shop and want to record calls to ensure you get orders right, or you run a small law firm and must record client interactions for legal reasons, OrecX can work for you.

“The OrecX business call recording software is 10 times easier and faster than any other call recording solution we’ve seen, and it has worked well for us from day one.”

Ray Napoletano
Senior Manager Business Development Saddleback Communications

“At first I found that just about every call recording system was well over $10,000. When I first heard the price for this system I didn’t believe it.”

Joseph Coll
Operations/Collections Manager Bruck Law Offices


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