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As a means of extending the value or the Oreka product line, we align ourselves closely with select strategic partners to offer comprehensive analytics solutions. When combined with Oreka TR, we can help businesses achieve faster, better, more accurate analytics results, specific to their precise analytics requirements. Other recorders offer very rigid analytics solutions, delivering results which are very inflexible to the client’s exact needs. These solutions provide a “You get what you get” approach, while OrecX offers a “What you need is what you get” approach. This flexibility comes from our analytics engine, which is best suited for analytics than other solutions on the market.


Oreka AT (Auto Tagging) is a speech analytics feature which allows clients to pre-define keywords and key phrases to be automatically spotted and tagged in their call recordings. Oreka AT operates easily with any third party speech analytics or phrase spotting tool, and will insert associated keyword tags into the audio player at the exact points within a certain interaction when such phrases are uttered.

















Some of our strategic analytics partners include…