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Capture 100 percent of customer calls

Every call that your staff makes or receives can be recorded and stored for later replay. This total recorder is a powerful capability for settling disputes, or providing PCI or HIPAA compliance, for example.

I love that this app is easy to use and how it takes seconds to set up! It is very, very, very easy to record and locate records.

Kymahn C.
Manager, Members 4 Ever



Full-featured total call recording at half the price

Oreka TR total recorder includes all of the call recording capabilities you will need, at about half the cost of competing call recorder solutions, including screen recording, mobile phone recording, live monitoring, on-demand recording, multi-tenancy, multi-site recording, audit trail, call exporting, retention management, auto tagging (for speech analytics and phrase spotting) and so much more.

Using any third party speech analytics or phrase spotting tool, auto tagging from your total call recorder system enables you to choose certain red-flag phrases (such as “can my order” or “not happy”) to have the recording system automatically track. It will insert associated tags into the audio player at the exact points within a certain interaction when such phrases are uttered.

Auto tagging 4

Auto tagging 3








(View a demo of our phrase-spotting and auto-tagging.)

Search, find and categorize recordings

With this total call recorder software, you can search, find and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number, agent extension, timestamp, recording duration, direction (for a telephone call), remote Party (for a telephone call), local party (for a telephone call) or other customer requirements.

Deploy Stereo Recording from OrecX to Improve Data Quality

Oreka TR total recorder supports stereo recording, which leads to much higher quality audio upon playback. Improved quality translates into a better listening experience and also improved speech analytics.  Oreka TR records each individual on a separate channel to produce high fidelity voice recording.  High fidelity total recording improves speech to text, key word and phrase spotting, speech analytics, and voice biometrics.  The voice recording and meta data is available to any third party speech analytics tool, many of which can be found on our Partner Ecosystem page.


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