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Deliver Call Recording Services

The communication service provider market is growing at a rapid 34 percent, and the hosted PBX market is projected to double by 2022. With the majority of these providers not yet offering call recording and quality monitoring services to their clients, you are in a great position to do so. At the same time, you will drive competitive differentiation and offer a wider base of services to your customers.

OrecX’s call recording, quality monitoring, and mobile recording software supports Asterisk, Broadsoft, and Metaswitch switches, among others. It installs in just 30 minutes. Your customers can begin recording calls within the hour to improve service, mitigate risk and maintain compliance in their contact center. This is an attractive value proposition you can start offering to your clients right away!

I like the intuitive web interface and the reliability. We don’t have to fuss and babysit this application. It’s there when you need it and requires very little training, because of its intuitive interface. That’s the way it should be.

Brian B


Supported call recording methods:

  • Port mirroring
  • Lawful Intercept (CALEA)
  • SIP Endpoint
  • Pure on-demand with no buffering

OrecX works with dozens of communication service providers helping them expand their services portfolio, reach into new markets and create new revenue streams with the Oreka Suite of recording solutions. OrecX is fully compliant with the BroadSoft VoIP platform. In fact, OrecX helped BroadSoft specify the SIPREC requirements in its latest Release 17.

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