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OrecX VoIP Call Recorder Appliance


The OrecX VoIP Call Recorder Appliance gives small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) a smooth migration path for handling VoIP calls while providing total recording, live monitoring, rule-based selective and sampled VoIP recording, or record-on-demand options. The VoIP call recorder system leverages the power of Oreka TR, the enterprise-strength version of OrecX’s open source Oreka GPL recorder that allows users to search, find and categorize recordings based on time and date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other customer requirements.

Suitable for contact centers, legal offices, sales/transaction personnel, public safety agencies and others, the OrecX VoIP Call Recorder Appliance lets users record calls, monitor calls live, record calls on demand, tag calls and more. It features call playback and filtering and establishes an audit trail for compliance purposes; with available add-on module, users can also implement quality management.

Access to call functions is possible through standard Web browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The VoIP Call Recorder device monitors up to four 100/1000 MB Ethernet ports, and can record up to 200 extensions simultaneously.