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OrecX’s modern, open, and modular Oreka platform is used in 200 countries by millions of users.

Open source software is the foundation upon which the world’s technology infrastructure is powered.  Everyday, billions of people use the Internet, databases, applications and Cloud infrastructures based upon it.

The inherent advantages of open source platforms are well chronicled, and include:


  • Control for long-term planning
  • Speed to market
  • Meet the broadest set of use cases


  • Easier to operate since no proprietary knowledge is required
  • Agility to innovate as the enterprise evolves
  • Higher quality design, from extensive peer review and testing


  • Solution design adapts to existing operating environment
  • Lowest cost licensing and support models
  • Software longevity (i.e. evergreen)


  • Access to broad-based value-add ecosystems
  • Innovation-based business model
  • Vendor lock-ins are eliminated

Why OrecX?

OrecX customers control the platform:

  • UI is built on top of a REST API layer.
  • All or any part of the UI is accessible via API.

OrecX differentiates itself from proprietary audio capture/recording solutions in many ways, such as:

  • Customers have access to all system data without arbitrary limitations.
  • Customers have free/open access to their data – no ‘extraction’ fees.
  • Customers can run the platform with any third-party application.

In short, the advantages of adopting open source software to power infrastructure and application requirements, puts the customer firmly in charge of their future.

Oreka Design Benefits

Oreka GPL (Open Source)