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Why OrecX Should be your Recording Partner

  • Standards-based
  • Open
  • Scalable
  • Low to no-cost
  • Agile
  • Rich ecosystem of partners and OEMs that address myriad of market requirements
  • Future-proof application


Oreka Origin

  • Management team has been in recording since 1987
  • Open Source (oreka GPL); posted 2005
  • Current state: millions of users in 190+ countries


Commercial Model – Oreka

  • Richer user experience and expanded functionality
  • Same philosophy as open source – anti-proprietary, open API
  • Evolved from full-featured premise recorder to encompass the following discreet applications:
    1. Cloud or premise-based single or multi-tenant full-featured recorder
    2. Cloud or premise-based recorder controlled by third party via REST API
    3. Recording engine that passes media and meta-data to third party premise or cloud-based voice analytics, bio-metrics, and compliance solutions
    4. Ingest and manage 3rd party carrier-based recording
    5. Pure play cloud-based ‘recording as a managed service’ to facilitate ecosystem growth
  • Thousands of customers and hundreds of channels throughout the world


Overarching Goal

Like Google, OrecX would like to help organize the world’s information. We are focused on being a part of the emerging technologies that help organize the world’s spoken information.